Building a More Just Future

Students speak with Rev. Gerardo Romo García on a 2022 pilgrimage to Centro Franciscano in Long Island, NY

Episcopal Divinity School embraces remarkable journeys.

Born from the merger of Episcopal Theological School and Philadelphia Divinity School in 1974, EDS's legacy in Cambridge, MA includes influential roles in movements like the Voting Rights Movement, women's ordination, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and much more. In 2017, EDS ventured to New York and developed a growing Anglican Studies program during its six-year affiliation with Union Theological Seminary. With theological education at a crossroads, EDS has a new opportunity to discern its future as an independent venture through a transformative, year-long strategic planning process. EDS will continue in its commitment to theological education, faith, and social justice and invites your contribution to shaping its future journey.

Transition News

Announcing Upcoming Listening Sessions
July 31, 2023: As part of our year-long strategic planning process, the Rev. Canon Lydia Bucklin ‘15 is coordinating a series of Zoom listen
EDS in Transition | July 2023 Update
July 25, 2023: As EDS embarks on this transformative journey as an independent institution, we are excited to share regular monthly updates.
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Episcopal Divinity School's transition from Union Theological Seminary.
On October 7, 2023, join Episcopal Divinity School for James Cone in a Global Context, a day-long online seminar exploring the impact and implications of the Rev. Dr. James Cone’s theology.
James Cone in a Global Context
Expanding the Moral Imaginary Through Film
With support from the Luce Foundation, EDS has convened a cohort of scholars, artists, activists and faith leaders of color to explore religion and racial justice through the lens of film.
Live Series
Just Conversations with Kelly Brown Douglas
In this Facebook Live series of interviews, the Rev. Dr. Douglas explores the racialized inequities intrinsic to our nation and our collective responsibility to create a more just future.

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